Adobe SUMMIT 2023 – Marketing Nation Community Challenge

Marketo Employee

Adobe SUMMIT 2023 – Marketing Nation Community Challenge

Welcome to the Marketing Nation Community Challenge at Adobe SUMMIT.


Here’s your opportunity to receive an Experience League branded wireless charger* 


All you’ve got to do is answer any 3 questions from the list below. After you’ve completed this, show your community profile (by clicking on your avatar on the top right of the community) to Experience League Community booth staff.  


  1. Introduce yourself – click here
  2. Post a selfie  - click here 
  3. Top SUMMIT takeaway  - click here 
  4. Favorite SUMMIT event  - click here 
  5. Upload your headshot as your avatar (freebee if already existing) - click here
  6. Which Advocacy program(s) are you interested in?  - click here 
  7. Favorite thing about Community - click here 
  8. Community Improvement - click here


Thank you for participating. And we hope you continue to have a wonderful time at the Adobe SUMMIT 2023.  


* While supplies last