Update to Filtering bot activity [Jan 2024]

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Hello Nation,


To fight the bot activity in the last two years we have launched two identification methods for email bots (Please check the links below for more details):

  • Identification based on Proximity Pattern
  • Identification based on the IAB list

Proximity Pattern identifies activities as bot activities based on behavior i.e. if multiple activities from an email asset are sent to a specific lead happening at almost the same time i.e. <1sec. In the Jan release of 2024, a new enhancement to the Proximity Pattern is launched to further improve the bot activity detection.  


Now you can set the time difference that should be considered for identifying the activities that happened close to each other as bot activities.




Important Notes:

  • Default value for this time difference is set to 0 seconds i.e only activities that happen in exact same second are identified as bots
  • You can only set a time difference value as high as 3 seconds
  • As you increase the value from 0 seconds to 3 seconds number of activities that are identified as bots will increase 
  • If you activate the bot activity into filter mode and increase the time difference can affect your email engagement rate 


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