Filtering Email Bot Activity Feature V2

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

May 2022 release details:


With a focus to address bot's impact on Email engagement, in 2021 we have launched our first version of filtering email bot activities. We have seen that this version of the solution is capturing an average of 2 Million bot activities per week for nearly 1000 Marketo customers. The impact is 3% of all email clicks and opens logged, while the industry average is ranging from 15% to 30%.


We got feedback from a lot of customers and from the Marketo community. We have categorized the feedback into the following themes:




More Transparency

The current version identifies the bot and doesn't log activities identified as bots.
Almost every customer and community expressed they would like to log the activities and do their own analysis

More Robust filtering

The current version completely relies on the IAB list and we need to introduce more sophisticated filtering to identify bot activities

More Control

As a customer, I find few user-agents/IPs that are creating bot activities and would like to include them in bot activity filtering criteria

We have been working on enhancing the feature that is more sophisticated patterns and gives more control to customers. As part of this effort, in the March release we have made the following enhancements:


  • Now Marketing admins have the option to opt for logging activities that are identified as bot
  • We have added 2 new attributes to email click, email open activities
    • “Is Bot Activity”, is a boolean value (True/False) and will be marked as true if the activity is identified as bot activity
    • “Bot activity pattern”: To highlight the pattern respective activity matched with. In this current release, all activities that are identified as bot will have value “match with IAB bot list”
  • These attributes are available as constraints in filters and trigger of these respective activities i.e Clicked link in email, Clicks link in email


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@Sreekanth_Reddy with the release of the Proximity pattern (log mode only) on July 15th, was there also an improvement to the IAB list?  Around July 11th, we saw the number of activities with the IAB pattern list was around 7100.  Now we are seeing around 26,000.  That seems like a pretty significant jump around the time all that was released.

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@CarrieTaylor IAB list is refreshed first day of every month

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