Fearless Forum 15

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Hey there Marketing Nation! 


Welcome to the fifteenth edition of the Fearless Forum! In this edition, learn about how to stay productive while working from home, do a deep dive into Velocity Scripting tokens, get to know one of our Marketo Champions in our refreshed Champion Spotlight series, read about the Experience Maker Awards Winners, and more.



This month we'll be covering the following topics chosen by you:


How to Make Working from Home Work for YouWorking remotely can be challenging when you're used to an office environment. Marketo Champion @Carrie_Chandle1 provides her take on finding productivity and success while working from home. Check out her blog to learn about her unconventional tips and why they'll make you a more productive remote worker. Check out her blog here.


Getting Started with Velocity ScriptingVelocity Scripting can be a complicated topic, and often Marketo users who are interested in learning don't know where to start. Marketo Champion @Chris_Wilcox provides an in-depth guide on what Velocity Script tokens are all about, when to use them, his take on best tools and practices for Velocity Scripting, and how to create and test tokens in Marketo Engage. Check out his blog walkthrough on here.


Champion Spotlight with Vlad Vagner: In our refreshed Champion Spotlight series, we team up with current Marketo Champions to learn more about their background, how they use Marketo Engage for their jobs, their favorite things to do in Marketo, and more. In this edition, we interview @Vladislav_Vagn1, who is a Senior Marketing Automation Administrator at Mitel. Learn more about Vlad in his Champion Spotlight blog on here


Adobe Experience Maker Awards Winners: Read about the 2020 Experience Maker Award winners - elite individuals, teams, and businesses from a variety of industries who created unforgettable customer experiences. Check it out our 2020 winners here.


Vote for the Marketing Nation Community: Voting is now open for the 2020 Khoros Kudos Awards, and we need your help to take home a win for the Best-in-class Community and Rookie of the Year categories for the Marketing Nation Community. Please vote for our two entries by following the steps below:

  1. Register and Create an Account on the Khoros Atlas Page.
  2. Vote for Best-in-class: Community by clicking on the KUDO button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Vote for Rookie of the Year by clicking on the KUDO button at the bottom of the page
  4. Comment on our entries! 


Live with LaunchPoint - FollozeJoin us in our recurring series, where we feature some of our amazing LaunchPoint partners. In this edition, we cover Folloze, an ABM engagement platform that enables B2B sales and marketing teams to target their top accounts with personalized campaigns. Watch Gary's overview of Folloze here