Fearless Forum 14

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Hello Marketing Nation!


Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the Fearless Forum! In this edition, learn about our upcoming Experience Makers Live event, do a deep dive into Engagement Programs and Person Source with Marketo Champions, read an interview with Fearless 50 member Clare Carr, and much more.



This month we'll be covering the following topics chosen by you: 


Marketo Engage Best Practices Series: Looking for best practices, tips and tricks, and interesting Marketo Engage use cases? Check out this curated collection of great content from our Marketo Engage Best Practices email series. Read it here.


2020 Adobe Experience Maker Awards Virtual Gala: Join us for the live broadcast of our virtual gala event – Thursday, June 25th, 5:00-6:00pm Pacific Time – where we will honor the 2020 Adobe Experience Maker Awards finalists and announce the 14 award winners. Register here.


Marketo Success Series – Person Source: Learn more about Person Source with former Marketo Champion Ande Kempf as she explains how to track Person Source philosophically, tactically, and through a Global Management Program. Read the blog on our Community.


Marketo Success Series – Engagement Programs: Rethink your engagement program strategy as former Marketo Champions Erik Heldebro and Rachel Noble do a deep dive into how to bring more value to your prospects and guide them on a journey to becoming customers. Read the blog on our Community.


How 2B Fearless with Fearless 50 Member – Clare Carr: In this edition of How 2B Fearless, we speak with Fearless 50 member Clare Carr – VP of Marketing at Chief. Read about what it means to be a fearless marketer for Clare, her advice to the next generation of marketers, and more! Read about Clare in her blog here.


Live with LaunchPoint – Ceros: Learn about Marketo Engage partner Ceros from their director of Digital Marketing, Alex Kelly. Alex speaks about how other Marketo customers use Ceros for a variety of interesting projects. Watch it here.


Learn about the new Predictive Audiences filters: Predictive Audiences is an exciting new paid Marketo Engage feature coming this month that allows users to harness the power of AI to take their Audience Segmentations to a new level. Read more about it and how to use it in our Community blog.


A New Resource in you Marketo Instance: We're launching the Marketo Success Center for North America this month. The Success Center is an in-product help center that enables you to search Product Docs and the Community, launch how-to guides, access adoption content such as Marketo University and peer best practice videos, and more - right from your Marketo Engage instance. Read all about it in our Community blog.


Note: This feature will be launched as a beta to North America.


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Level 3

I would like to hear about new Launch point updates. The Cero's article was super useful.

Level 9

Would love to see more roadmap items for Adobe Suite/Marketo integrations! 

Level 9 - Champion Alumni

I would love to see items around virtual events & using Marketo with various LaunchPoint partners to do them. This is so big right now and can easily be confusing for people.

Level 5 - Champion Alumni

I'm excited to see more about upcoming Marketo integrations. I also really miss the emails about the Fearless Forum. Are these coming back?