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2023 Adobe Champion Program Applications are Open until June 2nd!

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Apply to the Adobe Marketo Engage Champion Program now!



The Adobe Champion Program recognizes individual product experts from around the globe who are passionate about: sharing their expertise and best practices to support fellow customers, accelerating their personal and professional growth by engaging in industry and thought leadership opportunities, and collaborating with Adobe product teams to inform future produce features and enhancements. 


The Adobe Champion Program started over a decade ago on this very Community, originating in a grassroots effort to recognize top Adobe Marketo Engage customers, and since then, the program has expanded to Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager.


Each year, a cohort of expert practitioners from around the globe submit applications to be selected to participate in the Champion Program. These individuals are afforded a prestigious opportunity and platform to learn and grow from fellow product experts and internal Adobe product leaders. As Matthias Wermund, member of the inaugural 2022 Experience Manager Champion Program aptly describes:   


“The Champion Program is not only a badge of excellence, but it also makes you part of a group of leaders who all provide unique perspectives on the products and solutions we use every day.” 


Champions are outstanding individuals who are making a real difference in their professional ecosystems and helping the entire Digital Experience Cloud community grow by supporting fellow users. When we asked Marketo Engage, Adobe Analytics, and Experience Manager Champions about the impact this program has made, they often reference community, relationship building and networking, career growth, and personal fulfillment. 


Learn more about Adobe’s Champion Program below!  


What are the Program Benefits?

  • Knowledge share and network with fellow expert practitioners from around the world.  
  • Collaborate directly with Adobe product teams to inform product roadmap, provide product feedback, participate in beta testing programs, contribute to product certification and credential exams, and access new feature sneak peeks.  
  • Engage in exclusive speaking, content creation, and personal branding opportunities to showcase your expertise (e.g., Adobe Summit, Developers Live, Experience Makers Live, webinars, and other in-person Adobe-sponsored events).  
  • Global recognition among peers as product influencers and thought leaders via personalized headshot banners to be used on social media (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). 
  • Recognition on Experience League Community.  
  • Exclusive Champion swag! 


What is the Time Commitment?

While there are no minimum hourly requirements, the time commitment is generally 4-6 hours per month. We ask that our Champions are consistently active in supporting the broader product community through various opt-in collaboration and engagement opportunities.  


Who can apply to be an Adobe Champion?

The requirements vary slightly between our Adobe Analytics, Experience Manager, and Marketo Engage Champion Programs. However, generally we aim to identify individuals who: 

  • Have 5+ years of product expertise as a practitioner;  
  • Are committed to and passionate about sharing their expertise and knowledge with the broader customer and partner community; and  
  • Have a history of engaging with Adobe and the customer community through acts of advocacy (e.g., engagement on Experience League Community).  

In addition, we require our Marketo Engage Champions to have their ACE-MEBP (Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner) certification, formerly known as MCE.  


How Can I Apply?

Applications for the Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Marketo Engage Champion Programs are open from May 2nd through June 2nd. Apply by visiting the relevant application page listed below!


Apply to the Adobe Marketo Engage Champion Program now!


Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Adobe judges, and if selected, you will embark on a year-long journey of professional development, thought-leadership, and exclusive engagements with the Adobe product team. Adobe Champions will be announced in August. For additional questions, please email

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If you have any questions about the program, let us know in the comment section below and we'll respond as soon as possible!