Tracking Webinars with Bizible

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Webinars can be a tricky tracking setup with Bizible because usually there will be touchpoints from what Bizible consider “online” channels and also from “offline" channels.


To break that down further…

For webinars, there typically will be a JavaScript touchpoint from the prospect filling out a form to register for the webinar. It’s thought of as “online” because it’s tracked by the Bizible JavaScript. The channel would be whatever drove the person to your site to then ultimately complete the registration form whether it’s Paid Search, Email, Organic Social, etc. 


Where the “offline” tracking comes in is the actual webinar attendance. Now this can confuse people because webinars are online of course, but webinar attendance typically is not trackable by the Bizible JS so it must then be treated as an “offline” channel (tracked by syncing a SFDC Campaign or Marketo Program).


Why can’t the Bizible JS track webinar attendance you might be asking? Remember that the Bizible JS only tracks: 1.) form fills, 2.) page views ONLY if it’s the last thing before a milestone stage change or an anonymous first touch, and 3.) if it’s a web chat where the person inputs their email into the chat and it’s a chat platform that Bizible has an integration with (Drift, LiveChat, LivePerson, Olark, and SnapEngage). So, the Bizible JS just cannot track someone pressing play and attending that webinar – whether it’s live or on-demand.


So, attendance data should be pushed to a CRM Campaign that can then be synced to Bizible. Or, thanks to the new-ish Bizible/Marketo integration, you could pull the data from a Marketo Program instead.


Things to keep in mind:

  1. If your webinar registration form is not on your website or on a page where you can place the Bizible JavaScript, then you would not be able to track the registration with the JavaScript. In this situation, the recommendation is to just only track the webinar attendance with a CRM Campaign or Marketo Program.
  2. When it comes to reporting on the webinar, Ad Campaign Name will be a powerful field. Make sure to appropriately use UTMs and ad platform naming conventions when promoting the webinar, and try to match this to the CRM Campaign Name or Marketo Program name for the attendance so you can pull all the touchpoints together.
  3. Similarly, leverage Landing Page and Form URL fields where appropriate too. For example, include the name of the webinar in the Form URL if possible to have more reporting options.

Let me know if you have questions or if I can clarify any points!