Common Bizible Segmentation Use Cases

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Segmentation is a powerful way to enhance your reporting in the Discover Dashboard so it’s crucial to set this up with your organization’s reporting goals in mind. 


First, let’s quickly define Segmentation in Bizible world: Segmentation allows you to create different data categories to then use as a filter in the Discover Dashboard. For example, you could have a Segmentation of Industry with Segment values such as Healthcare, Automotive, Tech, Manufacturing, etc. 


Note that Segmentations are based on fields you have defined at the top & bottom of the funnel:

  1. Either the Lead or Contact object (must pick one) AND the Bizible Touchpoint object
  2. The Account, Opportunity and Bizible Attribution Touchpoint objects


More information on the mechanics can be found here.


To decide which Segmentation categories you should build in Bizible, consider what you currently report on today frequently and the different ways you might slice that data. For example, when you report on Closed Won Opps do you look at that data by region? By Opp Type? By Industry? All of the above? These are all great categories for Segmentations!


Here is a list of common values I see: 


  • Region 
  • Country 
  • Territory
  • Company Size
  • Persona
  • Job Title
  • Product Focus
  • Product Line
  • Asset Type
  • Vertical
  • Industry
  • Lead Status (like MQL)
  • Opportunity Type
  • Opportunity Stage
  • Deal Size
  • Target Account


Quick semi-related note: I am often asked if the Segment is a field available in CRM. The answer is yes -- it is a field we push to the CRM.


How do you and your team define your Segmentations? Let me know in the comments!