Bizible 101 Report Cheat Sheet

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Not sure where to start with the Bizible reports? Not to worry, out of the box Bizible comes with 25 stock reports that are designed to help you get on your way quickly. These reports can be used just as they are, or you can customize them to get the specific insight you’re looking for. 


I always recommend starting with the Bizible 101 reports -- there are 6 of these -- because they are truly the foundation of any report you’d be building in Salesforce with Bizible data. So, the idea is to gain a deep understanding of each of these Bizible 101 reports so you can feel comfortable adjusting them as needed.


So, I wanted to provide a general summary for each report. This by no means replaces experimenting with the reports yourself but helps provide a starting place! 

Note: these reports come with Bizible's SFDC managed package. They are housed in a folder called "Bizible Touchpoint Reports". If you don't see this folder when you go to the All Folders section of Reports tab in SFDC, it means your SFDC Admin has not yet shared access. You'll need to ask them to do so. 


Bizible 101 | Leads by ID

  • Top of the funnel reporting showing the story of the individual leads. The report is group by Lead ID so you are able to see the Marketing interactions that each Lead created in the selected time frame has had (default time range is the current week).
  • Because each row is a touchpoint, you are able to see essentially everything Bizible knows about each Lead created.

Bizible 101 | Leads by Marketing Channel

  • This report groups by the Marketing Channel instead of the Lead ID in order to provide an aggregate view of how your Marketing Channels are influencing the First Touch, Lead Creation, and U-Shaped attribution models. 
  • For example, you can determine how many leads were created due to a certain channel.

Bizible 101 | Leads/Contacts by ID

  • This report is still top of the funnel but is based on the Bizible Person Object instead of the Lead. The Bizible Person is a lookup between the Lead and the Contact that allows you to report on both simultaneously.
  • Therefore, this report shows you everything Bizible knows about Bizible Persons created in the selected time range.
  • This is useful for reporting holistically when Leads have already been converted to Contacts.

Bizible 101 | Leads/Contacts by Marketing Channel

  • This report shows the Bizible Persons created in the selected time range grouped by Marketing Channel for an aggregate view.

Bizible 101 | Opportunities by ID

  • This report focuses on the bottom of the funnel to surface the story of the Opportunity.
  • The default view shows the story of Opportunities created in the selected time range with Bizible Attribution Touchpoints.
  • Therefore, the report is grouped by Opportunity ID and each row represents a Bizible Attribution Touchpoint that has influenced the Opportunity.

Bizible 101 | Opportunities by Marketing Channel

  • This report illustrates Opportunities created in the selected time range grouped by Marketing Channel for an aggregate view.

As you play around with these reports*, try pulling in some of these Bizible fields whether it’s as a column value, filter or grouping. All of the below fields can be populated in different ways depending on where the touchpoint is coming from so check out the definitions in the field glossary and then try some out!

  • Ad Campaign Name, Keyword Text, Medium, Touchpoint Source, Ad Content

*I recommend using the 'Save As' as functionality when you make any adjustments so you can preserve the original template. 


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