Quick post today to provide reference on the Touchpoint Position “Pending” that you might see in Bizible Attribution Touchpoint (BAT) reports. Bizible has 4 milestone Touchpoint Positions: First Touch, Lead Creation, Opportunity ...
I was recently asked for some examples of what to use Bizible’s Touchpoint Suppression functionality for so below are the most common I see across Bizible users. Keep in mind though that Suppression is your tool to “clean up” your...
If you’re reporting at the top of the funnel (reports using Bizible Touchpoints) you might notice a value of “PostLC” in the Touchpoint Position field/column. If you’re curious what this is, this post is for you! First, let’s mak...
Do you use a web chat platform? If you do, you should know the ins and outs of how Bizible tracks them. It really comes down to if you are using a chat platform that Bizible has an integration with or not, so let’s dig in from the...

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