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Don Mayberry

Don Mayberry is a Senior Technical Instructor with Marketo University.  Don has been with Marketo for nine years.  Prior to becoming a Marketo instructor, Don was a manager in the Customer Support team and has advanced knowledge of Marketo and its capabilities.  Before coming to Marketo, Don worked in other support roles for companies such as Ariat International, The Sak, Velosel, and Inovis providing technical software support. Don’s favorite courses to teach are “Customizing Creative Assets” and ”Optimizing Email Deliverability” because they involve some computer coding which he enjoys from his time as a support analyst. Don’s favorite feature in Marketo is the Design Studio because he helped build it and it is so useful for non-technical marketers.  In his free time, Don enjoys traveling and dancing.  He dances in the San Francisco Carnival every year.

Jamie Jazdzewski

Jamie Jazdzewski is a Senior Technical Instructor with Marketo University. Jamie has been using Marketo for eight years and has a deep understanding of all aspects in the software and its capabilities. She spent five years as a Marketo consultant working for several different companies such as Televerde, Calpoint, and DreamLab. Jamie’s favorite course to teach is “Core Concepts” because everyone is brand new and she can help lay the foundation for customers to learn best practices. One of her favorite Marketo features is the innovative Revenue Cycle Explorer (RCE) because of its ability to analyze the marketing funnel. In her spare time, Jamie is an outdoorswoman who enjoys hiking, kayaking, and four-wheeling.

Jannika Kampschuur

Jannika Kampschuur is a Senior Technical Instructor with Marketo University. Jannika has been with Marketo for three years, working as an Enterprise Consultant and as an instructor. She has been teaching Marketo for two years after spending over three years as a super user for Panasonic North America in their Marketo instance.  Jannika’s favorite course to teach is “Building Engagement Programs” because it helps people finally see Marketo as more than just a batch email tool. Jannika’s favorite feature in Marketo is the dynamic content because of its power to personalize content autonomously.  In her spare time, Jannika trains her rescue dogs and volunteers with the Humane Society and the ASPCA.