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Do I have to be a Marketo customer to take Marketo University courses and/or buy a Learning Passport?

No! Now, anyone can take Marketo University free or premium training and/or purchase a Learning Passport Unlimited or E-Learning Passport. Customers have the option of purchasing through credit card or sales order, and all can purchase through credit card.

Does Marketo University offer any free training?

Yes, we offer Marketo University Online, our MCA Learning Path that is free to all as well as over 60 free training videos to both customers and prospects looking to familiarize with the Marketo platform. These range from fundamental to advanced topics, and are available on our website: Marketo Free Training Resources

What are the options for premium training?

We have 12 live, instructor-led courses ranging from fundamental to advanced and specialty topics, including our MCE Exam Prep course for those looking to pursue certification.

Marketo University Course Catalog

What is the best learning path for me to take / Which classes should I begin with?

Please see our Learning Paths page for more guidance:

Learning Paths

Where do I find the upcoming class schedule and other course details?

Marketo University Course Catalog

Can I have a coworker follow along with me during a virtual class?
Per our terms and conditions, one seat = one attendee. Coworkers or others may not participate in, view, record, or replicate any part of a Marketo course or materials.
Do I need any special equipment to take a virtual class?
Marketo University hosts virtual training on Adobe Connect. We recommend using a wired headset or headphone connection and computer audio for the training. More information about using Adobe Connect is here.
What options for live training are there outside the US?
We offer live virtual training in EMEA- and ANZ-friendly time zones. We can also schedule private training for other regions and time zones: please inquire by emailing
Where can I find materials and an agenda for the course?
  • For on-demand courses, the materials are on the same page in the section with the links to recordings.
  • For instructor-led courses, access to the materials will be provided upon enrollment and are available for download.
  • For recorded courses, the materials will be available for download within the Curriculum activities.
How do I enroll in a course?

Marketo University requires payment prior to enrollment, and then our automated enrollment process will provide the needed directions to enroll in your course or subscription. If you have questions about or issues with enrollment, please email


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