Tradeshow channel - update on program statuses & successes

Tradeshow channel - update on program statuses & successes

Hello everyone,

We recently updated the program statuses related to the Tradeshow channel.


We have now 3 possible success for this channel, below you’ll find the detail:

Program statuses
Visited boothThe person actually visited the booth+20 pts
Attended sessionThe person has actually attended a demo or a session+50 pts
EngagedA potential opportunity has been identified > the person must be sent to Sales team

+75 pts
For new names = the person will be pushed to your marketing queue in Marketing Qualification status.
For existing contacts = the person status will be changed to Sales Handover and his sales owner will be alerted.

Following the event, you will have to choose the right status for each person: “Visited booth” or “Attended session” or “Engaged”

  • Manually: You can change manually the status of each person
  • By list import: You can send us an Excel file including the list of people, with a column where you indicate the right status for each person

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


The Marketo Team