SFDC vs Marketo - overwrited contact

SFDC vs Marketo - overwrited contact

Dear marketo team,

we had two registration for politecnico event:

- Gilberto Frigerio (email gilberto@frigeriosalotti.it) - alert received from marketo after the registration

- Andrea Caselli (email gilberto@frigeriosalotti.it) - alert received from marketo after the registration

Gilberto Frigerio was already in SFDC as contact but now SFDC gives to the me the following information:


it seems that marketo itself changed the contact last name but kept the email and other infos.

Probably, Mr Frigerio registered himself and then mr Caselli form the same laptop and send the registration form from the same email, what do you think? It sounds credible?

Now we have mixed information linked to Mr Caselli and we totally missed Mr Frigerio who is not anymore in SFDC and neither in marketo but he will attend to the event :-).

Do I have to expect that if a contact registered 3 or 4 people from a generic email adress (info@.......com) SFDC and marketo will keep only the last registration? if so I think we have a problem...

Marina MASSONET​, Margaux Lepine​, Chloé Sabourin​, Domitille Balas​ fyi Elena Bonino​, Laura Vigano


Re: SFDC vs Marketo - overwrited contact

Dear Stella Zamprogno​,

As Matthieu Muffat Joly explained it to Elena in Chatter this morning, this behaviour of Marketo is known when leads use the same email address (generic one) or worst the email address of one of their colleague when they fill out any form (event registration, content request...).
In Marketo, the email address is the unique key of the lead/contact. As a consequence, someone who register a form with the email address of someone else will update the data in Marketo but also in the SFDC corresponding record...

In case this happen, and in order to give you an access to the previous data in SFDC, we activated the view on the Contact History section in SFDC: https://lectra.my.salesforce.com/_ui/core/userprofile/UserProfilePage?u=005b0000000fqyl&tab=sfdc.Pro...