Online Registration Close Automatically

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Online Registration Close Automatically


We always have an online form for registration in LP before the event. Is it possible to close registration on the day before the event automatically?

For example, if there is a token for event date (May 20) for the program, could we set up like this: if any person goes to the LP after May 19, it will pop up a reminder that registration is closed? Thanks.



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Re: Online Registration Close Automatically

Hi Elaine,

It is not possible to set up and close automatically a landing page at a define date.

We will start studying to find the best answer to your problem.

Because we thought about having 3 langing pages - a "Registration LP", a "Thank you for your registration LP" and a "Registrations are closed LP" and changing the registration flow and the follow up page in the registration form the dau before the event.

But it seems complicated and risky, and we are not sure that's worth it ...

We keep you posted as soon as we have found a solution.