New status in event programs: "Not interested"

New status in event programs: "Not interested"

Hello everyone,

We put in place a new feature in our program templates for events: people will now have the opportunity to indicate that they are not interested in the event, so that they do not want to receive others emails regarding it.

The objective is to avoid sending too many emails to prospects/customers, reduce the unsubscribed rate and send emails to prospects/customers depending on their real interest.

You’ll find below the modification we’ve made in each event program template: LHE, LSE, TS and WBN.

     1. Addition of the following sentence in all invitation emails: “Know that you won't be able to make it? Click here to be removed from all email communications from Lectra regarding this event.


Once you clone the program in your WS, we let you translate or adapt this sentence as you like.

    2. Creation of a new landing page called “LP3_Unsubscribe event_EN” where people will land after clicking on the link above


Once you clone the program in your WS, we let you localize or adapt this landing page as you like.

    3. Creation of a new smart campaign to track all people who click on this link in invitation emails

Smart list:




As usual, program templates are available and ready-to-clone in the WS – Share:


In case you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


The Marketo Team