New interesting moments for hard & soft bounces!

New interesting moments for hard & soft bounces!

Hello everyone,

We reviewed the content of the interesting moments regarding bounced emails. The objective is to give you more information and help you to understand why a person did not receive our email.

Interesting moments will be displayed in Marketo Sales Insight section in Salesforce.

  • Hard bounced due to invalid email address => “Email: Email invalid - Bounced from {{email subject}}”


  • Hard bounced due to spam trap => “Email: Spam blocked - Bounced from {{email subject}}”


  • Soft bounced due to full maibox, timeout, admin failure, …. => “Email: Soft bounced from {{email subject}}”


Please find also attached a quick guide about hard & soft bounces in Marketo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


The Marketo Team