New emails templates in Marketo

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New emails templates in Marketo

Hi all,

We are working on developping new Marketo email templates with an agency, to be aligned with the new branding and improve our emails structure.

Based on your experience on Marketo since the implementation in 2015, could you please send me your advices/requests on the emails structure, before Tuesday, October 31st, so we can build new emails templates which better match your needs.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Re: New emails templates in Marketo

Hello Domitille, the only comments I will have are:

1. To have a less square design, we have everything into squares and that gives a perception of limitations, maybe soften a little bit the edges or something.

2. I have seen that in other industries have started to put more images in motion instead of only the regular pictures, so I don't know if we can integrate something like that in the Fashion and Apparel formats.

3. If we copy paste a text from one part an copy to another section we lose the format so I don't know if we can do something about this, cause when we try to match the format so it looks the same we found that is not possible, so we can get something similar but not the same.