New communication limits

New communication limits

Dear all,

We decided to review our communication limits in Marketo. The objective is to reduce the marketing pressure on our customers and prospects.

What are communication limits in Marketo?

It’s the maximum of number of times a person may be contacted by email. These limits are set to prevent us from overloading our customers/prospects mail boxes.

Almost all emails count towards communication limits, even operational emails. (Operational emails ignore unsubscribe and marketing suspended statuses.)

Lectra’s communication limits:

  • 1 email max. per day
  • 2 emails max. per 7 days

The above settings mean that people won't receive more than 1 email per day or more than 2 in any seven-day period.

What happens if a person has reached their communication limits?

For scheduled email blast send out (i.e.: email blast to promote a whitepaper): The person won’t receive the email.

For operational emails (i.e.: thank you email following a content download or confirmation email following an event registration): The person will still receive the email.

For sales insight emails (sent through MSI): The person will receive the email if the email includes an unsubscribe footer. If not, the lead won’t receive the email.

What’s the best way to make sure people who’ve reached their communication limits get the email later?

During the program activation you can ask the Marketo Team to schedule the email send out 3 times (instead of once).

It means that on Day 1 Marketo send the email to your smart list and in case some people are already over communication limits, Marketo will try again to send the email on Day 2, and same thing on Day 3.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The Marketo Team

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