How to target people for your marketing campaign/events?

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How to target people for your marketing campaign/events?


A short reminder on How to target people for your marketing campaign/events:

If they exist in Marketo :

  • Use filters/criteria in a smart list in your Marketo Program (best practice)
  • Use the filter “Contact ID18” in your smartlist : it can be found thanks to a SFDC report that you extract in Excel (please don’t mix up with the Contact ID 15 digits).
  • Use the filter “Email address is” in a smartlist and insert all email addresses you want to target. This is not recommended because in case of duplicates, Marketo will select only the first person with this email address (recording interesting moment and scoring for this person), which may not be the person you wanted to target.

If they don’t exist in Marketo nor in Salesforce, we must import them first as cold people in Marketo before targeting them:

  • Provide us an Excel file with email address + country + person source at least, and please add any other information you have. The more, the better!
  • Marketo team will create a dedicated program (i.e. tradeshow, live sponsored event, etc) depending on the channel & market (etc) so that people imported have the correct acquisition program name.

We hope this is clear. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Marketo team

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