Design Studio - files and images in CORP space

Design Studio - files and images in CORP space

Hello All,

I have a question about design studio and images/files availability.

When I clone a program from CORP in ItalyWS it happens I have to change/update/add some images  (header for istance) and sometimes I would like to use images from corporate but the CORP space is empty. A very simple example: OVS press release launched by CORP in ENG needs to be launch in ITA locally; no header image in ITA available, I tried to change with another one  it but it doesn' t fit, so how can I undo e DO NOT save my new image? and where can I find the original one - at least in ENG - to insert again on the header? is it possible to upload aimages on CORP space or they are too heavy to be storaged?

Thanks a lot!