C&P contacts will be soon in SFDC and Marketo

C&P contacts will be soon in SFDC and Marketo


As you may know, all C&P sales teams will get access to SFDC within this year. Maylys and Cosmina are working with each subsidiary to import all existing contacts who are not already in SFDC, and tag them with “Area of Interest” is “Consumables” and/or “Spare parts”.

This might have an impact on your targeting for future campaigns. If you don’t exclude them they will be part of your target smart list.

We have created a new useful smart list called “ADMIN_leads are C&P contacts”, so you can exclude them easily using the filter “member of smart list” not in “ADMIN_leads are C&P contacts”.


But it’s also important to note that for some customers, C&P contacts could also be the right person to target for others topics (cutting room, Modaris, strategy, …).

So please, think about it before building your target smart list and don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any doubts.


The Marketo Team