ANNOUNCEMENT: Moving to a New Group for Lectra

Marketo Employee

ANNOUNCEMENT: Moving to a New Group for Lectra

Hello Lectra Employees,


I was informed that your team would like more functionality to your user groups, specifically related to more organization around files and documents. Per your request, I have created a new group for your team, which has the added ability to categorize posts based on forums, knowledge base articles (i.e. documents), and ideas. 


Please navigate over to your new group which you all should have received an invite for. Currently this group is not accessible via the User Groups homepage (this will be updated soon), so for the time being please bookmark the group for quick access. Please also note that while there's no way to migrate over old content from this group, you'll still have access to both the old and new groups moving forward. Hope this helps, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or requests!






Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Moving to a New Group for Lectra

Thank you Jon!

I have some questions: 

- Do you have any documentation on how to use this group?

- Can I invite members to this hub even if the group is owned by you? Or can the ADMIN of the Marketo plateform at Lectra can be ADMIN of this hub in order to controle the people enterring in this private group?

- Why is our previous group an "open group" while it used to be a Private group? 

- Could you please confirm this user is you?

Thank you for your feedbacks