Web Personalization (RTP) - Marketo Email Campaign filter

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When leads click a link in your Marketo email and then visit your website, wouldn't you like to continue delivering the same targeted messaging on your website that you started with the email?  You can do this with a Segment using the Marketo Email Campaign filter. This filter targets leads who are members of a particular Program or Smart Campaign inside of Marketo.


Filter Options

Located under the "Known Leads" group of filters, the Marketo Email Campaign filter gives you the choice of targeting Marketo Programs (Program Name) or Smart Campaigns (Campaign Name). Click the plus sign to add another option, or click the X on the right to remove one. The filter allows you to add "And/Or" logic between the Campaigns and Programs selected if using more than one.


RTP image.png

RTP image.png



Additional information about RTP Segments can be found here: RTP Segments - Marketo Docs - Product Docs