Issue Description
Visit Web Page activity is tracked and showing up for one subdomain on your site,, on a record but it is not recording activities for a different subdomain,


Issue Resolution
The reason that this behavior is taking place is because the domain that is being utilized has a two letter top level domain "". For domains that end with a two letter suffix, “”, the Munchkin script is setting the tracking cookie to the third domain level by default. This is to take into account two letter country codes such as “.jp”, “.us”, “.cn”, and “.uk”. This means that when someone visits “”, the Munchkin script will assign a new cookie to “” instead of “”. When someone visits or is referred to a different subdomain, such as "” it will create a new cookie for this domain “”.


To prevent this from taking place you will need to add the Munchkin Initialization Parameter setting the “domainLevel” to “2”. This will cause the cookie to be set to the second domain level “” when visiting either the Marketo or non-Marketo hosted landing pages. Details about the Munchkin Initialization Parameters can be found in this Developers Doc:


Since the Marketo hosted landing pages will, by default, use the same 3 third level domain behavior, you will need to disable tracking at your template level using the steps at the end of this article:


This will disable the default tracking that all landing pages get in Marketo. Then, similar to external landing pages, your team will need to add the Munchkin tracking code to your Marketo templates, where you would have control to set the domain level to 2 (instead of 3). Once this has been updated on both the external landing pages and Marketo hosted landing pages, the tracking cookies will be set at the second domain level and work across the various sub-domains.


Who This Solution Applies To
Customers with two letter domains


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