ToutApp: Contacts Are Being Removed from Groups or People Tab


After sending a group email or campaign with a list of contacts, some contacts are being removed after the emails are marked as spam. 


One of the greatest benefits of ToutApp is to utilize the group email function and dynamically change fields for specific contacts. Of course, that does not work out if there aren't any people in your group. Here are a few items you would like to check:
  • Are you using a custom SMTP server? If so, then check with your IT team to have them investigate if these emails are being bounced. Sometimes custom servers will only send the action to perform to ToutApp.
  • Are you using a custom header? Custom headers are used to send emails that have your reply to or from list your company domain rather than via ToutApp. There are some instances that if you are not using a custom header, then emails will be marked as spam.
  • Are you up-to-date? It is always best to make sure that your Outlook plugin and/or Chrome extension are updated
  • Still not working? This is an opportunity to test. Try switching your Email Delivery Channel, send an email without a template, or reset your connections.




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