The Difference Between Workspaces and Partitions


The difference between Workspaces and Partitions and where they are displayed inside the Marketo instance


The main difference between Workspaces and Partitions is that Workspaces separate assets into different areas and Partitions separate leads. When you look at the navigation tree in Marketing Activities, Design Studio, and Lead Database, you will see the Workspaces displayed, not the Partitions. This is because the Lead Database section is actually showing assets, smart lists and static lists, and not the leads themselves. 

To see the Partitions, you would need to go into Admin > Workspaces & Partitions > Partitions. Partitions do not need to have a one-to-one relationship with the Workspaces.  You may have multiple Workspaces and only one Partitions, and you may have multiple Partitions accessible to one Workspace.


Who This Solution Applies To

Instances with Workspaces and Partitions enabled.