Smart List Error for Member of SFDC Campaign Filter


When creating a Smart List with a "Member of SFDC Campaign" filter, the SFDC Campaign is visible on the drop-down list, yet it throws an error when selected and the Smart List is loaded:

"Error running Smart List: Check your Smart List configuration"


Things to check:

  1. The campaign has been re-named in SFDC or has been deleted. It could also be that somehow a "space" has been entered before the campaign name. For example, Marketo is looking for "SFDC Campaign Name" and SFDC has it as " SFDC Campaign Name" or "SFDC Campaign Name ".
  2. The campaign is present and active in SFDC, but is not visible to the sync user. The Marketo Sync User details can be located in [Admin > Integration > Salesforce > Username]

This can be checked by logging in to SFDC as the Marketo sync user and verify that the campaigns are present with the correct name and activated for that sync user.