Missing Facebook Lead Ads Form Fill Activity, and How to Re-Authorize Facebook Lead Ads


You have integrated Marketo and Facebook Lead Ads in Marketo Admin > Launchpoint, and your test form-fills are not appearing in the Marketo Lead Database.


Occasionally the integration between Marketo and Facebook needs to be re-authorized. This is one of the primary troubleshooting steps we start with in these situations.

The instructions for re-authorizing are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Marketo Admin > Launchpoint, and take note of the Facebook User that is used in the Lanchpoint integration,
  2. Log into the Facebook Business Account, and navigate to the settings where the Admins are added/removed
  3. Remove the User, and save changes
  4. Re-add the User back to the Business Account as an Admin, save changes
  5. Navigate back to Marketo Admin > Launchpoint, and edit the Facebook Lead Ads integration,
  6. Proceed with 'Next' to view the Facebook Account, and click 'Re-Authorize'

The final step after this would be to attempt another form-fill on a Facebook form to see if the activities are appearing in Marketo.