Lead Not Added to Program by “Change Program Status” Flow-Step With a Choice


Issue Description
Consider a scenario where you wanted to setup a campaign flow in such a way that their program status needs to be changed as “Influenced” if they are currently not a member of that program and the default choice is “do nothing” as seen in the below screenshot. However, you will be able to see that for records who isn’t member of program is getting assigned with default choice and not with the choice 1.

User-added image



Issue Resolution
The flow step will change the program status to influenced only if they are member of program and have the status anything apart from "No show", if not default choice will be selected. The flow-step will not add the lead to the program and then change the program status when "Add choice" is used in the "Change program status" flow step. If there inst a choice added as shown in the below image, then the person will also be made a member of the program if they weren't already.

User-added image

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