How Marketo Sends Email Using Marketo Sales Insight


Describes the difference between emails sent with the Sales Insight plugin for Outlook/Gmail and the emails sent using Sales Insight in Salesforce




While Sales Insight for Outlook/Gmail and Sales Insight for Salesforce share a name, they use very different means to send tracked emails to your leads.

Sales Insight in Salesforce:

  • Emails sent from Sales Insight in Salesforce make an API call to Marketo which then sends separate emails out to each lead through the Marketo servers.
  • These emails are subject to restrictions based on the leads unsubscribe status, and the sender reputation is the same as your other Marketo emails.
  • You can send an email to multiple leads using SFDC Sales Insight and the open and click activities will be tracked for each lead separately.

Sales Insight Plugin for Outlook or Gmail:

  • The email is sent from your Outlook email server or your Gmail email service, not the Marketo servers.
  • Email will be sent to the recipient leads regardless of their unsubscribe status.
  • The plugin wraps the links in the email with tokens for tracking purposes and adds the tracking pixel to allow the open of the email to be recorded as well.
  • If you send the email to multiple leads, only the first lead will be tracked and all open and click activity for all recipients will be attributed to that one lead, because only one set of tracking tokens can be used in the email.