Facebook Lead Ads not syncing into Production subscription after connected to Sandbox subscription.

Issue Description

Facebook Lead Ads was configured in a Sandbox subscription and then migrated to the Production subscription after testing was completed. After that swap, the Facebook Lead Ads integration is not passing records to the Production subscription.



Issue Resolution

Deleting the Facebook LaunchPoint service does not unregister it from the Facebook Lead Ad pages. To ensure that the Facebook Lead Ad pages is unregistered from the Sandbox subscription and successfully reconnects to the production subscription, perform the following steps:




1. Go into the sandbox and create (or Edit if it still exists) the Facebook LaunchPoint again (just leave the default settings for pages and fields).


2. Once created, go back into the Facebook LaunchPoint and UNSELECT all of the pages that are currently selected (You want to make sure no pages are selected at this point).


3. Save. By doing this you will be unregistering the Marketo endpoint from all the Facebook Lead Ad pages for the sandbox subscription. You can then delete the LaunchPoint if you wish from the Sandbox subscription.


4. Go into the production subscription, since the Facebook LaunchPoint service exists, go back in edit mode and select all the pages you want to leads to come from.


5. Save. This should be able to successfully select the Facebook Lead Ad pages and register them to the production subscription.


6. Test one of the Facebook Lead Ad pages and verify if the data syncs to the Production subscription.



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