Education Resources for Marketo Administrators

The job of a Marketo Administrator is a huge one. Being responsible for a Marketo instance requires an in-depth understanding of all its functions. Here are some ways to learn more about what your company’s Marketo instance can do and how to make it happen.


Marketo offers a wide variety of instructor-led trainings by our highly experienced Marketo instructors. These courses give participants the opportunity to work with Marketo hands-on, ask instructors questions, and learn in a more focused environment. We recommend Core Concepts I & II to get an overview of what Marketo can do. Ready to dive in to specifics? Check out one of our more focused topics.


Marketo provides free online training videos covering a range of topics, including fundamentals, email marketing, reporting and analytics, and more. Each video is followed by a short check in quiz to test understanding of the information covered.


Try our Instance Management videos to learn more about setup and configuration and best practices.


Marketo University Online takes the user through a series of lessons that cover Marketo basics with written material, videos, demonstrations, and check in quizzes. While all of the lessons are recommended for a full experience, you may find the lesson on Marketo Administration particularly beneficial. This lesson covers how to create users, grant permissions, and optimize your Marketo instance for success.