Dynamics Sync Error - Failed: error lead ID xxxxxx is already in the sync process


Issue Description
When syncing records to Microsoft you may occasionally come across and error like this "Failed: error lead ID xxxxxx is already in the sync process" where "xxxxxx" is the affected person's id. To understand this error we need to know a little more about how the "Sync Person to Microsoft" flow step works. This flow step queues the record up to be inserted into CRM as part of the sync process. The flow step is only meant for the initial insert to CRM and should not be used after that insertion has occurred. 

If you see this error it means one of two things:

- This record has already been synced to CRM so this flow step does nothing. 

- This record has already been queued up to sync to CRM by running through this flow step previously but has not yet synced. The activity for this is not written until we complete or attempt the insert action so you may see this activity appear before any other "Sync Person to Microsoft" activities in the activity log. 


Issue Resolution
Wait for the currently queued sync action to complete or if the record is already inserted into CRM you can disregard this error.  The length of time before the queued sync action completes may vary due to backlog but is typically about 5 minutes. 

Who This Solution Applies To
Customers integrated with Microsoft Dynamics