Deliverability Tools (250ok) Not Showing Test for Email Sent to Seed List


You have sent a Marketo email to the 250ok Seed List in Marketo, but you are not seeing the test within 250ok.




There are required email addresses in order for a Maketo email sent to an imported 250ok Seedlist to show up in 250ok.

If you sent an email to an imported 250ok seedlist and you are not seeing the test, that means the required email addresses were not included in the email send.

To resolve this, try the following

  • Delete this existing seedlist from the database
  • Navigate to Deliverability Tools, and export a new fresh seedlist
    • Deliverability Tools > Inbox > Get Seedlist > copying the list into Excel > saving as a CSV file
  • Import this new .CSV seedlist into Marketo
  • Try the email send again to see if it then shows in 250ok. Make sure it goes to all emails on the seedlist

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Support.


Who This Applies To

Customers with the Deliverability Tools subscription addon