Brand Your Tracking Links

Every link you include in your emails will have tracking code automatically appended when sent. Marketo adds a generic domain to the tracking code, for brand consistency and improved delivery rates we recommend that you brand your tracking links. Here is how:

Admin rights required.


Choose a CNAME

You likely already have a landing page CNAME such as, you can pick another subdomain for your branded tracking links CNAME.Examples to choose from:

The branded tracking CNAME must be different than your landing page CNAME.


Gather Information

Now that you have decided on a branded tracking CNAME you need find the current one being used. Go to Admin then Email and copy the current tracking domain.



Contact IT

Ask your IT to create a CNAME that redirects the CNAME you chose earlier to the current domain you copied in the previous step: >


These values will be unique to your instance, do not copy paste items from this article, find them in your instance.





Configure Marketo

1. Once your IT has completed the creation of the CNAME, go back to Admin then Email and enter your branded tracking CNAME and Branding Domain

Branding Domain.png


2. Click Save Changes.

Save Changes.pngT

That's it! Make sure to send yourself an email that has a link in it from Marketo and test the link to ensure that the branded tracking link CNAME is working properly.


NOTE: If you'd like more information about branding domains, like how to set up multiple ones, delete others or reset a default, check out the documentation here: Add Multiple Branding Domains - Marketo Docs - Product Docs