Marketing Calendar Entry Names

Marketing Calendar Entry Names


With so many events/campaigns taking place in an instance with multiple workspaces, it gets a bit confusing when you see multiple 1. Invite campaigns on the global calendar.

I understand we can click on each entry and then see the program in the right pane but it would be nice to have some sort of appending of the program name to the entry. Scroll over with program name would be favorable over clicking each entry. 


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Completely agree with this as well.  If there were to be some sharing function incorporated in the future, I think this is necessary so that Sales or some other department actually can understand what is going on when they see the calendar.  

Another issue I have with the user interface is when I see the 1 more...  I would like to be able to see all events on the screen (I don't mind if I need to scroll down a bit).  Think it is better to be able to view everything, and this also allows sharing to be done much more easily (screenshots).  
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This should definitely happen soon. Great idea! We don't use the calendar for this particular reason.

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