'In past before' constraint for more filters

'In past before' constraint for more filters

I love the ability to use the 'in past before' option on date of activity constraints (ie SFDC Create Date).  It would be nice to be able to add this option to the date of activity constraint on more filters.  For example: 

Someone wants to receive an alert for repeat web visitors who download a gated asset.  In this instance it would be nice to have a campaign with trigger = Filled out form XYZ & filter: visited web page not contains unsubscribe and Date of activity is in past before 1 day, 1 hour, etc.

Most current options on the date of activity filters require a date to be specified, and the 'in past' option doesn't allow you to exclude web activity that directly led up to the form submission.

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Exactly - love this. 

This statement is a major issue for me as well :"Most current options on the date of activity filters require a date to be specified, 

I would love the ability to say 'most recent' in regards to a series of dates. We pull in all sales history for a customer (we're BtoC). Each record contains an indicator that tells whether the customer purchased online or via our retail store. It would be huge for us to be able to say most recent close date containing (web/retail) filter...to better target the customer in the channel they most recently purchased from. It works for a trigger moving forward - but we have 18 months worth of sales history already in the database.
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And also "In future after".

same as https://nation.marketo.com/ideas/3497

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Great Point, Grégoire!

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