Create Activity Log Filters for Smart Lists for error conditions

Create Activity Log Filters for Smart Lists for error conditions

We just recently ran into an issue wherein the sync with SFDC went down.  Due to that happening, we had a number of leads that were not added to SFDC campaigns.  We ended up going through activity logs on each lead that should have been created manually. 

Therefor the idea is to create an smart filter that can be used inside the activty logs.  Ie. filter on "SFDC Lead Updates to SFDC".  Additionally, the filter would have parameters for if it was successful or in an error.
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I run into the error where a lead/contact was not added to a SFDC campaign, but I don't receive enough detail on the notification to do anything about it and have to open a support ticket. My big issue is that this happens for leads that are already syncing to SFDC and there's no issue between the sync user. 

I am in favor fo this idea. I'd also recommend including enough detail to determine through automation how to resolve the sync error. 

Brennan, check out this idea post for a ton of similar comments:

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Thanks Emily.  I didn't find that idea when I did the search.  So I have endorsed the orginal idea.

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