Bypass Salesforce Duplicate Rules

Bypass Salesforce Duplicate Rules

Salesforce Lightning has duplicate rules that match duplicate records based on various fields, for example the same name and the same company (which is what we use). When duplicate records are detected SFDC shows a message that enables merging records but does not block duplicate creation.

The problem: when Marketo tries to sync new leads/contacts to SFDC and receives the duplicate message which is basically a warning/question it is treated as an error and does not allow uploading records with the same name+company even if the email is different. 

My request: allow bypassing Salesforce duplicate alert and uploading leads/contacts with the same name+company which is an option in Salesforce API (see that other APEX tools already implemented (see example attached).

This is a major obstacle to our business so we will appreciate if Marketo will implement this feature soon.

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I like the idea! One item as a work around (if you have a SFDC admin that is nice!) is to set up their duplicate rules to ignore the profile of your database sync user. We're lucky with ours that the database sync user is only used for the Marketo to SFDC integration so our admin sets up all the rules and then the last one is profile does not equal xxx. It allows us to still create the lead record through the integration, but in lightning, it will still flag it as a potential duplicate in actual SFDC.

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Thanks for the suggestion Amber, this is actually what we plan to do as a workaround. We just have to replace Marketo sync user to a dedicated integration user before doing so.

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As far as I'm concerned, this is the real way to handle this—not creating anything inside the Marketo platform. Similar things are done all the time for things like validation rules, minimum viable records, etc.

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