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How to create a smart list for individuals who clicked all links in an email


I am a new Marketo user and have been reading the blogs and discussions here and those have been truly great sources of information. Really appreciate the amazing folks here.

I am trying to pull a list of recipients who have clicked on all links in an email. Creating a smart list with a link constraint ( selecting all links) seems to work on a "OR" logic so that does not solve the purpose. For now, I have to manually download the lists for each link click and determine who clicked on all links.

The purpose to do this is to determine how many emails scanned are being met by a scanning program. I am aware of the method to include a ghost link in the email to identify scanners/bots, I have not implemented that yet. My specific questions are

1) Is pulling such a list possible?

2) If yes, then is it a reasonable indicator of bots/scanning programs so that I could exclude those records while analyzing

3) If it is a reasonable indicator, is there a way/process to identify if a real person clicks in the email later? ( of course, if the email has not been sent to spam)