Your Guide to Marketo's Customer Advocacy Programs

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

The goal of our Customer Advocacy Programs is to help our customers showcase their success with Marketo and engage with The Marketing Nation. We have a number of programs and opportunities available for Marketo advocates to network with marketing peers, share your success and best practices, and highlight your innovations in the marketing field.


Purple Select is our way to reward you for being an advocate for Marketo! Complete fun challenges, earn awesome swag, and climb the leaderboard to join other MVP advocates who are representing our brand to the fullest. Whether it’s checking out the latest and greatest in Marketo news or submitting a shiny new review of your experience with Marketo, we want to reward you for being involved in our Purple Community.

You can sign into Purple Select anytime by following this link or visiting Don’t have an account yet? Email Will Harmon ( and we’ll handle the rest. You are already doing these challenges daily, let us reward you for it!


Marketo User Groups (MUGs) are region-specific meetings held by Marketo users for Marketo users. The purpose of these groups is for customers to meet in person to collaborate, share ideas, network, and problem solve. In a digital world, we know how hard it is to ALWAYS rely on your global network for fast and relevant help, so we encourage you to join your local MUG to help you drive even more success with Marketo. Check out our 50+ MUGs worldwide and sign up for MUG email communications!

Virtual Marketo User Groups (VMUGs) are a unique opportunity to connect with fellow Marketo users who are facing similar challenges to you in a virtual forum. The VMUGs provide similar opportunities as our regional MUGs for those customers who don’t have a regional MUG in their area or would like to connect with other Marketo users in their industry. Sign up for VMUG email updates! For any additional questions or comments about our MUG program, contact Kelsey Bourque at (


The Marketo Champion Program is an elite user community uniting Marketo’s most passionate and strategic customers and partners. Champions are the trusted brand ambassadors and change agents of The Marketing Nation. Champions regularly share their expertise, best practices, and strategies to help Marketo customers thrive.

You must apply to become a member of the Champion program. Champion classes are inducted annually and applications open during the last quarter of every calendar year. If you are interested in learning more about the Champion Program, please refer to the Champion Community page! If you have any burning questions about how to get involved in the Marketo Champion Program, email us directly at (

15965-16053-BRAND ROLLOUT - New Champion Logo-2019 (1).png


Our Reference Program allows you to share your Marketo experience with prospective and fellow customers on a private reference call. Connect with peers to discuss best practices or engage with prospective members of The Marketing Nation. If you are interested in being a reference for Marketo, please contact us directly at (


We love to capture and share our customers’ success stories. Take a look at our current Customer Success Stories! If you are interested in having your Marketo customer story published and share your success with The Marketing Nation, please contact Will Harmon​.


As we continually strive to serve you better, we want to listen and learn about aspects of your Marketo journey, such as how you learned how to use Marketo, what challenges you face today, and what advice you would share with first-time Marketo users. If you would like to participate, the Marketo Customer Marketing team will invite you, from time to time, to sit down with us to share your experiences and feedback about your customer experience with us.

If you have any questions about the Customer Advocacy Programs mentioned above, please don't hesitate to email the Customer Marketing team directly at (

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YES! helpful to have this all in one place with links to everything. Thanks Will.

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The whole team collaborated on this one. Kudos to Meghana Rao​ and Deborah Kim​!

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And also to Katie Pedroza​!

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Oh love all of this. I'm laying the bricks to start a virtual user group for the Toulouse/Bordeaux area in France. If you happen to know any users in the area, or ways to attract these users - please let me know!


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Meghana Rao​ is the master of all things MUG, so she might be able to help you out!

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This is very helpful.

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This graphic was a great summary and tool for talking points at the Summit Champion booth. However, several visitors commented that the text was really small and too hard to read... I'd be happy to help rethink the format to make it more accessible!

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Hey Beth Massura​, thanks for the tip! This was definitely a frequent piece of advice throughout Summit and our next version will be much more eyeball-friendly.