Learn Marketo through the Marketo Engage Success Center

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

To help connect users with the information they need to answer their questions we are launching the Marketo Success Center beta. The Success Center is an in-product help center that enables you to search Product Docs and the Community, launch how-to guides, access adoption content such as Marketo University and peer best practice videos, and more - right from your Marketo Engage instance.


How can you get value from the Success Center?

Search product documentation and read through it directly from your instance of Marketo


Explore how-to guides to help you navigate setting up segmentation, reporting best practices, and more


Watch your peers share their best practices, tips, and tricks for using Marketo Engage through the additional resources section



This feature will be available beginning in late June for North American customers. Questions? Comment below or reach out customeradoption@adobe.com.

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Nice one Katie.. 👍🏻

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Great info! Thanks Katie!

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Very nice! This will be helpful!

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This is such a great feature!

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Love seeing how this project has progressed over the past few months. UI looks great! Nice work!