MSD Online & Marketo Native Integration-Do's & Dont's

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MSD Online & Marketo Native Integration-Do's & Dont's

Do's and Dont's while doing Dynamics 365 online version and Marketo native integration initial sync

This guidebook focuses on the Dynamics 365 online version and Marketo native integration and how to avoid issues during the initial synchronization process.

Understanding How Marketo Syncs to Microsoft Dynamics & few things to consider during initial sync enable

  • A Marketo instance can be synced to one— and only one— Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance. And, once connection is synced in your instance, it is permanent.
  • Be extra cautious while setting Org URL in authentication. It’s a onetime set up.

Note: If set up is done with wrong URL, we should buy a new instance to sync with correct MSD instance.

  • The initial sync will take some time, but once it’s complete, Dynamics will check for updates and run another sync every five minutes. The initial sync cycle time is dependent on data volume and the average throughput is 10-20K records/hour.
  • Once a record is synced between the two systems, Marketo maintains data consistency using a periodic sync, which means Marketo is continuously syncing your data with Microsoft Dynamics all day, every day. And be aware that the process is done using a background sync in batches, not in real time.
  • After initial sync completion, we will get Dynamics entities sync option. And also, we can get options for Disable sync and reconfigure Auth method.


Some Marketo instances have S2S connection as default authentication method. If you want to use different Auth method, please reach out to Marketo Support.