Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

01. Which three steps should a marketer use to make an unsubscribe page appear in the reader's local language? (Choose all that apply)
A. Update the individual languages and set your default

B. Create a smart list for each preferred language
C. Create a segmentation with a segment for each preferred language
D. Create the content block on the landing page as dynamic, selecting the preferred language segmentation
E. Create the content block on the landing page as dynamic, selecting the preferred language smart list for each language

02. The following token is added to a subject line in an email: {{lead.Company Name:default=Your Company}}. What is the purpose of the token's default value 'Your Company'?
A. To display the lead's Company Name in the subject line
B. To replace the lead's Company Name in the Lead Database
C. To display 'Your Company' only if the Company Name field is empty
D. To display 'Your Company' in the subject line for every email recipient

03. What is required if a marketing manager wants to send an email personalized from account owners showing an image of each account owner's personal signature?
A. Smart List
B. System Token
C. Email Template
D. Dynamic Content

04. A marketer creates a new segmentation called Country-EMEA, aiming to segment a total of 1,000 leads by different target regions in this geography. After setting up and approving the segmentation, the results show 250 records in the UK region, 50 in France, 200 in Germany, 400 in Italy and 100 who didn't fall into any of the defined country segments. What will be the final size of the new segmentation?
A. 900
B. 1,000
C. 1,250

05. Which areas of an email can use tokens? (Choose all that apply)
A. Subject line
B. 'From' name
C. 'From' email address
D. 'Reply to' email address
E. Body copy

06. True or false: Segmentations are essential to create dynamic content on emails and landing pages.

07. Which steps should a marketer use to show dynamic content on a page to different audiences? (Choose all that apply)
A. Activate the Dynamic Content feature from the Admin area
B. Create a segmentation with individual segments for each audience
C. Set the content block on the page as dynamic
D. Associate the dynamic content block with the segmentation
E. Update the block content for each segment

08. Inherited Tokens are...
A. Just available on Engagement programs
B. Overridden by folder-level tokens
C. Can overwrite folder-level tokens
D. Can only use text as the token type

09. True or false: Score is a valid type of token

10. True or false: Smart List is a valid type of token

11. You can use tokens in which of the following? (Choose all that apply)
A. Flow actions
B. Smart lists
C. Emails
D. Landing pages

12. True or false: Image is an invalid type of token

13. An essential prerequisite for using dynamic content is having an approved _____
A. Landing page
B. Email
C. Segmentation
D. Smart list

14. Which type of program token would you use if you wanted to display the lead's company name in red bold letters in your email?
A. Text
B. Email scrip
C. Rich text

15. Which system tokens would you need to use if you want to display the following date format on your email?: 2019-11-10 19:29:00
A. {{system.time}}
B. {{system.dateTime}}
C. {{}}

16. Marketo Snippets are... (choose all that apply)
A. Reusable blocks of rich text and graphics that you can use in your emails and landing pages
B. Useful for making mass updates to your assets, such as updating your email privacy policy language or regional address footer
C. Reliant on segmentations to work, just as Dynamic Content

17. What would happen if the system token {{system.unsubscribeLink}} is not added to your Marketo email?
A. Marketo won't be able to send the email due to international anti-SPAM laws
B. Marketo will send the email, but might flag your account for sending unsolicited commercial email
C. Marketo will send the email and add a default message at the bottom of the asset giving leads to option to unsubscribe

18. Adding the ‘Forward to Friend’ link to your emails allows you to... (choose all that apply)
A. Track people who have received a forwarded email through this link
B. Automatically add people receiving the forwarded email as a new person if they are not already in the database
C. Add people receiving the forwarded email as mailable opt-ins in your database

19. True or false: SFDC campaign is a valid type of token

20. Which of the following statements are true about Calendar File tokens? (choose all that apply)
A. They allow you to add a calendar event link (in .ics format) to your assets
B. They can be added to emails, but not landing pages
C. They are created from the My Tokens tab in your program or folder

21. True or false: It is possible to disable tracking for a specific email link.

22. When adding URLs to text tokens, it's important to ensure these don't include the http:// prefix. Why?
A. To make sure opens are tracked in your email
B. To make sure clicks are tracked in your link
C. To make sure the link length doesn't go over the token's character count

23. Is there a limit to how many recipients you can add to the CC field of a Marketo email?
A. No
B. Yes, 50,000 recipients
C. Yes, 10,000 recipients

24. To personalize a landing page, a marketer wants to use different types of tokens. What is an incorrect use of a token in a page?
A. Date Token
B. First Name Token
C. Smart Token
D. Number Token

25. Which of the following are correct examples of Marketo segmentations? (choose all that apply)
A. Segmentation: Industry / Segments: Healthcare, Retail, Automotive
B. Segmentation: Country / Segments: UK, France, Italy
C. Segmentation: Bad data segment / Segments: Unsubscribed, Disqualified, Blacklisted
D. Segmentation: Lead Owner / Segments: John, Jessica, Martin, Christine

26. Deleting an active segmentation... (choose all that apply)
A. Affects all associated Dynamic Content in Emails, Landing Pages, and Snippets
B. Only takes effect after 24 hours from deletion, to ensure no live campaigns are inmediately affected
C. Can be undone by admins only
D. All of the above

27. You have segmentation for Country with three segments in the following order/priority: 1. UK, 2. France, 3. Italy). If the country field is not populated for a given lead, what content version will they see?
A. The version correspondent to the segment at the higher priority level (1. the UK)
B. None. The email won't be sent to that lead, as the record doesn't fit the purpose of the dynamic email.
C. The lead will see the Default version of the email.

28. Which of the following is not a commonly used segmentation?
A. Region
B. Language
C. Product Interests
D. Job level

29. In which of the following situations would you use dynamic content instead of a token? (Choose all that apply)
A. Display different landing page banners for each person's country
B. Referencing the leads's company name in the email subject line
C. Using personalised URLs based on Department
D. Including the leads's sales owner's name and details

30. True of false: It's best practice to create segmentations instead of smart lists when possible, in order to optimise processing time in the Marketo platform.

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Re: Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

Thanks Monika Nimmagadda for the practice questions - they are very useful. Can you please clarify question #23? The correct answer in the text file is listed as C (10,000 recipients). But the Marketo documentation says 100K: Email CC - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 

Re: Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

Hey James, 

Thank you for the heads-up. It was 10,000 in the initial days and the limit was increased to 100k in 2018. when I took the test, I do see only these options so, I've chosen 10,000 recipients as the best available answer. If there would be another option along with saying 100k, I've definitely chosen 100k.

Re: Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

Hi Monika Nimmagadda‌.. Thanks for these questions. For Q29, the answer you gave says, A, B, D. Can't tokens be used for the situation given in option B? Example: Using {{lead.Inferred Company}} token or something?

Re: Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

Hey Rohit,

You are right... To refer to the leads inferred company in the email "subject line" Tokens are the best use.. but then the question is about using dynamic content instead of token. So, we cannot use dynamic content in the email subject line..  

Let me know if you have another questions for me. Happy to answer them as well.

Re: Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

Yes. Then how will B be an answer. We cannot use Dynamic Content in the email subject line. Question is about where we can use it right? Or, am I missing something here? 😕

Re: Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

Thanks for correcting that Rohit... I missed it..let me correct that..

Anyways... These are the questions that were provided to us as a knowledge check and I have many more.. let me know if you want them so that I can share. I believe it's best to share the knowledge as I can correct myself.

Re: Sample MCE Questions on Targeting and Personalisation

Sure.. Thank you Monika Nimmagadda‌!