Why Is The ToutApp Plugin Not Showing Up In Gmail?

From our experience, here are some things to try if your toolbar is not appearing:

- Verify that our extension downloaded properly. If you're in Chrome, pull up your list of Extensions. Is Tout listed there?

- What's your language set as in Gmail? If it's something other than English, try changing it to English

- This may be obvious, but try exiting out of your browser and opening an entirely new window.

- Head over to toutapp.com and make sure you are logged in there.

- Make sure you have cookies enabled. If you're using Chrome, go to Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Content settings -> Uncheck "Block third-party cookies and site data".

- If the above didn't work, try disconnecting and then reconnecting the Tout browser extension.

- Finally, if all of the above didn't work, please send us a support ticket here

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