Why Aren't My Replies Tracking

If your replies are not tracking the first thing you may have a broken Gmail or Microsoft Exchange integration, depending on what Email client you use.

If you are using a custom SMTP to send your emails then you might be using an older form of reply tracking that relies on several factors.

In order for ToutApp to track a reply accurately when using a custom SMTP server, two things must match up:

  1. Email address of the recipient  The email address of the recipient must remain unchanged. The recipient must reply using the same email address you addressed the initial email to.  For example if you email someone at sheep@clothing.com: but they reply as wolf@clothing.com, the reply will not track
  2. Subject line The subject line has to be consistent. The reply to your email must have the same subject line as the initial email you sent to the recipient.

Additionally, tracking will only be applied to the first person in the 'To' field of an email. Instead of sending an email with multiple people in this 'To' field, to get the most accurate tracking on an email, use our Group Email functionality!

Reply tracking is currently only available for Gmail and Exchange users!

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