What's the difference between Master Admin and Team Admin?

Enterprise subscriptions now have two Admin types, ‘Master Admin’ and ‘Team Admin’. When anyone is made an admin, Master or Team, they receive an email notification letting them know what this means to them.

  • Master Admin: Has access to everything, including all aspects of the subscription
    • Can add more seats to their subscription
    • Can give/revoke Master Admin access
    • Can give/revoke Team Admin access
    • Can invite new users
    • The only admin who can delete users
    • Can create/delete Teams
    • Can add/remove users to all Teams
    • Can share/unshare all shared templates with all Teams
    • Can share/unshare all shared groups with all Teams
    • Can see ‘Me’ analytics for all reps

  • Team Admin: Has limited access within the bounds of the subscription
    • Can give/revoke Team Admin status
    • Can be admins of multiple Teams
    • Can be an admin of one Team(s) and a user of another Team(s)
    • Can invite new users
    • Cannot delete users, but can request a user’s deletion (sends an email to Master Admin with request)
    • Can add/remove users to their Team(s)
    • Can share/unshare templates with the Team(s) they have admin access to
    • Can share/unshare groups with the Team(s) they have admin access to
    • Can see ‘Me’ analytics for any rep who is on a Team they manage

Learn more about Non-Admin permissions here.

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