What is the 'Add to Campaign' button?

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For our customers with Campaigns we have now added the ability to put someone on a campaign from any page.

There are three ways you can do it:

  1. One person at a time
  2. Send to selected people
  3. Send to an entire group

Let's walk through each one!

  1. Just hit Add to Campaign instead of Compose to put a single person onto the campaign.2016-04-27 at 7.51 AM.png2016-09-01 at 11.34 AM.png
  2. This time, I want to send it to three people so I go into People and select a few contacts. Now, instead of Email Selected people, I click Add Selected to Campaign2016-04-27 at 7.54 AM.png
  3. Finally, you know you want to send the campaign to the entire group, so open the group and just click Add Group to Campaign 2016-04-27 at 7.56 AM.png

All of these options will show the Campaign modal which after you click Next, will allow you to preview the first email:

2016-09-01 at 11.39 AM (1).png

After hitting Next again, you will be taken to an option for when you want your campaign to go out.  You can either have it start now, or schedule a time for later to begin the campaign:

2016-09-01 at 11.40 AM.png

It's just that easy!

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