Setting Up BCC Logging With Salesforce

To log your emails in Salesforce using BCC, you'll first need to obtain your Email to Salesforce address. This can quickly be done by going to the Salesforce configuration page and clicking Get my BCC Address. If for some reason your Email to Salesforce address does not pull in, you can get it from Salesforce directly:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce instance
  2. Find your user name at the upper right corner and select the drop down bar
  3. Select My Settings
  4. Select Email under My Settings
  5. Select My Email to Salesforce

On this page, you'll find an email address labeled "Your Email to Salesforce address". Copy this address and head over to the Salesforce configuration page in your ToutApp account and paste it into the BCC box.

Once that's set up, click Save Changes

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